We are seeking talented media-buyers

We possess plenty of resources and are willing to share them with you
We invite strong publishers and affiliate teams
We will provide juicy and relevant offers for traffic flow on any platform
Your achievements:
We are going to deal with new fields and verticals that are new to us so far. Feel free to join us if you are strong publisher who is ready to take on one of the areas and build your own team. We also welcome skill teams with successful experience in traffic flow.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

Teamwork experience
Successful cases over the last 3 months
At least one year of experience in filling large budgets on any of the traffic sources in any of the fields
Make profit with positive ROI
Find combinations and scale them
Conduct structured tests
Organize project work

betting, gambling, games, nutra, education, dating, adult, finance, crypto

We are open to suggestions in any fields and verticals you work with. However, there are areas that are of particular interest to us.

Cooperation options

For publishers

For teams

We are willing to share resources

An opportunity to work with leading companies in e-commerce, games, tools, and other fields
The most juicy and relevant offers for flow on any site
Top advertisers


We have the reputation and trust of major advertisers in the mobile traffic market.


Proven tools for remote communication, task setting and data transfer. Assistance with establishing receiving and sending funds from one point of the world to another. Legality of execution of contracts and documents, legal support.


Extensive experience in affiliate marketing which we are willing to share. How to work with sources, how to find managers to resolve issues, how to build communication, what fields are popular - these are just some of the questions that we can answer.
Payment infrastructure for traffic fees, employee remuneration, and withdrawal of funds
for your project
million $+
Already invested in projects
up to $500 000
Budgets for your tests
Unlimited budgets for your advertising campaigns


Come visit us

Latvia, Rīga, Avotu iela 23

The offices are equipped with a kitchen and offer spaces for relaxation and Chinese tea.

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