Lua-developer (middle)
Work experience 3 years
Full employment
Salary after the interview
We are looking for a developer with a liking for the Lua language to work on the Antibot public API project. The public API is a web service through which external clients interact with Antibot internal systems, it is built on the Tarantool platform and uses the Cartridge framework.
Your main task will be to write business logic in the Lua language according to ready-made specifications and documentation from the architects of the Antibot public API project.
We offer
  • Fluency in Lua 5.1+ in reference and LuaJIT implementations
  • Proficiency level sufficient to write application code
  • Ability to cover your code with unit tests
  • Ability to evaluate the complexity of algorithms
  • Experience with any Lua framework
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience in writing web services and APIs (not necessarily in Lua)
  • Familiar to the Tarantool platform and the Cartridge framework
  • Familiar to LuaRocks or OPM Ecosystems
  • Experience with native functions through LuaJIT FFI
  • Availability of publicly available Lua code examples
  • Understanding the principles of clustering and sharding in the database
  • Debugging code, fixing bugs
  • Refactoring and optimization
  • Writing unit tests
In addition, you may be required to:
  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • Standard 8-hour working day
  • Flexible working hours, Working hours ±4 hours MSK
  • Work in a team of experts in security, development and business
  • Cool country team building and kayaking
As well as:
  • Participation in the development of a unique product on the market
  • Gaining experience with non-standard technologies
  • Opportunity to stand on the side of good in the war of man and machines