API-developer (senior)
Work experience 3+ years
Full employment
Salary - from $4,000 to $6,000
We are looking for a Go or JavaScript or C/C++ (or any other) developer who is able to distinguish between an interface and a class, who knows which way the arrow of the reverse dependencies is pointing.
We offer
Working for us, you will encounter the side of the Internet in which robots disguise themselves as people, and people, at times, behave like robots.
  • Product development experience - 3+ years
  • General programming experience - from 6 years
  • Good knowledge of one of the languages: Go, JavaScript (Node.js), C/C++
  • Good knowledge of Web specifics and experience with web services and web interfaces
  • Ability to design public and private APIs (as a plus: the ability to show completed projects, especially for public use)
  • Experience with TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSocket protocols
  • Device representation of the Linux networking stack
  • The desire to actively work with Tarantool and Lua
  • Personal qualities: ability to independently make architectural decisions, work autonomously
  • Lua
  • Go
  • Tarantool
  • Nginx
  • clickhouse
  • PostgreSQL
  • Building an external API for antiBot clients (Golang)
  • Development of an internal decision framework (Lua)
  • Contribution to the design of system kernel interfaces (Lua)
At the start, you will be developing in one of the required languages, but we want to move towards Lua and expect you to have a corresponding interest in this direction
As well as:
  • Opportunity to work remotely
  • Standard 8-hour working day
  • Flexible working hours, Working hours ±4 hours MSK
  • Work in a team of experts in security, development and business
  • Cool country team building and kayaking
  • Participation in the development of a unique product on the market
  • Gaining experience with non-standard technologies
  • Opportunity to stand on the side of good in the war of man and machines